Price List


  • Individual therapy and counselling in English (50min) – 1200CZK
  • Individual therapy and counselling in English (90min) – 2200CZK
  • Child therapy in English (50min): – 1200CZK
  • Couple therapy – introductory individual session (50min) – 1200CZK, couple therapy – 2200CZK (90min)


Payment is made either to the therapist at the end of each session (QR code or cash) or on the bank account 1272719072/3030 a day before, or on the day of, the session.  

If the client cancels his or her attendance 48 hours before the session, no payment is due. If, however, they cancel with less that 48 hours notice, they are obliged to pay in arrears.

ID Number: 07513739

Psychotherapy contributions within health insurance:

Persons insured in VZP (111): As part of the Mental Health Care Program, at the age of 7, a contribution of CZK 5,000 can be obtained to increase the availability of psychosocial support for a selected therapist. The contribution is provided at a maximum of 10 sessions of CZK 500 per session.

Persons insured at ČPZP (205): http://zvýšení dostupnosti psychosociální podpory contribution (up to 2,500, -) is intended for insured persons from 7 years for psychosocial intervention completed with a selected expert – private therapist with appropriate qualifications. The contribution can also be provided on an online consultation/session. The contribution can be drawn individually (ie up to 500 CZK after each consultation) or to accumulate, ie. More documents about the payment and the amount from the documents can be accompanied. Last, respectively. The latest documents must not be older than 3 months.

Persons insured at ZPMV (211): this paper it is possible to draw up to CZK 4,000 for up to 10 sessions (consultations) of a psychotherapist (ie up to 400 CZK per session).

Persons insured at SCD (209): Contribution CZK 2,000 on the basis of proof of completion of psychological or psychotherapeutic counseling certified specialist in psychology/psychotherapy, outside the performance of v.